Tree Plantation Campaign “Clean and Green Pakistan”

Somehow we’re already missing our childhood “decorating classrooms, schools, buildings, our balconies and terrace for celebration of 14th August” by being so busy in life schedule and along with other things. And we are going to miss the things more this year because of COVID-19 situation.

But “sometimes the bad things happen to us is just to put us directly on a good and valuable path of our entire life”

Clean and Green Pakistan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mr.Imran Khan decided “A Tree Plantation Drive Campaign to be held on 9th of August to commemorate. The campaign will be led by The Tiger Force, said Prime Minister Imran Khan. He invited all civilians, legislators, ministers and officials to participate in the campaign, Around a 1,000,000 tiger force volunteers are registered.

According to Mr. Imran Khan. An as according to Special Assistant to PM on Youth Affairs Usman Dar it’s been decided to increase the volunteers in tiger force, registration in this is open through a mobile phone application for maximum involvement in tree plantation campaign. As per issued statement by Mr.Dar “volunteers will set a record by planting one million saplings in a day”. The Aim is to plant 10 billion trees by 2023 for clean and green Pakistan.

Hence, We should help support our nation to be clean and green, for purpose of climate change concerns and global warming across Pakistan in the month of Independence day. In this way at least we can help our growing generation to teach not to splurge time and money in buying and wasting paper trinkets (Jhandi’yaan), since this is our pride and not a junk at all.


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