Tourism in Pakistan: An initiative to return to normal living

Tourism in Pakistan is really an adventurous trip to the enthusiastic souls, It doesn’t really matter wherever you go in Pakistan, almost everywhere you turn you see the mesmerising view, from one way to another the splendid landscapes of almost every nature creations are here in Pakistan.

Snow capped Hills

Frozen Lakes

Beautiful Shores

Ancient Monuments

Historical Museums

Moreover, old religious and sacred places are source of attraction for pilgrims. And religious tourism is one another part of exploring the economic activity growth. Thousands of religious tourists arrived after the opening of kartarpur corridor. China-Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) is another platform. Under the CPEC numerous power projects and infrastructures developed in Pakistan. We should thank to the concerned people and government for better safety and security precautions and efforts. Pakistan is a paradise on earth for any tourist who loves to travel.

Pakistan might not a global hub for tourism. But, however equally suffered because of restrictions in tourism due to COVID-19. According to a policy briefing on tourism by World Bank “Pakistan could suffer a loss of $3.64bn due to the pandemic, jeopardising around 880,000 jobs in the tourism sector”. Reports are also saying that thousands of tourists weren’t allowed to enter in Mansehra and Swat and there was a long queue of cars. Seems we still didn’t overcome effectively living.

Tourism in Pakistan

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Tourists should follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to avoid contracting COVID-19 as directed by The Health Department in a notification. Visitors should ensure use of sanitizers while visiting Parks, museums, historical and other places. Their preference should be booking their rooms online, limit the capacity to 60 percent of tourist sites, children, elders and pregnant women should stay at home as suggested. Stay home Stay safe. And kindly follow the (SOPs).


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