Patriotism assembled Millions of Smiles when Pakistan turned 73rd today

Patriotism assembled Millions of Smiles and Billions of Hearts when Pakistan turned a Year older today..

Following the poet said “Tanzeem, itehad, eemaan, Quid ka peghaam, Tanzeem , itehad, eemaan, Khawab key paak meharabaan, Jaisay rooh, jissam o jaan, Janta hai sara jahan”.


People are celebrating 73rd Birthday of the great Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Starting with the Champs the kids of Pakistan let me tell you these charming children wearing green and white themed dresses to celebrate 14th of August. Also youngsters and oldies are wearing it.

baby celeberating 14th august
baby celeberating 14th august

Moving towards the celebrities and famous personalities, each and everyone showing their love and patriotism for Pakistan. Various ex Pakistani’s are celebrating their birth place’s birthday in other foreign Countries. Also this pandemic couldn’t cease the patriotic spirit of the people. Even the Google has turned green and celebrating for us.

Even, It is not ended yet. Many people are still purchasing flags, little paper trinkets (jhandiyan), badges, stickers and getting their faces painted.

Some Recreational spots are also open in Karachi. Besides that, Karachiites are also celebrating it on their own by hoisting the national flags atop on their homes also displayed it prominently on their cars and the badges and other ornaments, are placed on their attires. numerous buildings are already lit with White and green lights.

Across Karachi mostly every building is decorated with lights and flags. Sources said that in the morning of 14th August countless public places organized flags ceremonies. Despite that various religious people, political parties and our Government organizations celebrated the occasion with same traditional passion and spirit. By ensuing the Standard Operating Procedures S.O.P’s suggested by health departments.

Also, Sources said the day has started with the Recitations of Quran and special Prayers for the security of Country and Nation, and Soldiers of Pakistan Army deployed at the border as defense Pakistan. 31 guns salute presented in Federal Capital Islamabad; 21 guns saluted in Provincial Capital Lahore. The prestigious event of changing Guard held at Mazar-e-Quaid and Allama Iqbal Tomb.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah known as Father of the Nation presented us 14th August which commemorates the day when Pakistan attained Independence with Pride and honor and raised up on the World Map elaborating the true meaning of Pak Sar Zameen for Patriotism assembled.

We should never forget our Kashmiri Brothers and Sisters on Independence Day as they are un-aware of the happiness of freedom.

However, the lockdown has been ended and markets, shops are again functional. It’s because of our economy and not because it’s safe.

Hence, Independence Day is an important occasion to celebrate which could not be ignored. since we’re in a difficult situation, we should celebrate it with keeping our social distances, wearing masks and washing our hands every after contact with anything or anyone. And we should also follow the Standard Operating Procedures S.O.P’s suggested by health departments.

Writer : Anum Faizan Siddiqiue (Memon)

Anum Faizan
Anum Faizan

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