Ministry of home affairs starts social call record

According to the new rules of the ministry of home affairs of Pakistan, new communication rules have been implemented according to which all the calls of the users have been recorded from call record system.

All messages are connected to the ministry of interior system, so the unnecessary messages should be avoided.

Warn your loved ones and relatives and friends to be careful. Do not forward any message related extremist, political, political post based on extremism, current government & prime minister.

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Cyber-crime notification has been issued by the police, according to which, it is a crime to send anarchist and sectarian messages based on political and religious debates.

Call record feature is not available from user end, its managed by Govt. of Pakistan and other securities.

Share this message in all your groups and individually that under cyber-crime law group admins can also get in trouble due to illegal monopolies posted in their group.

This is a very serious issue to consider yourself. Do the same and urge your loved ones and relatives to do the same.


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