How Pakistan overcome from Coronavirus

This is a great moment for Pakistanis about coronavirus as an article was published Business Inside the Telegraph UK and it must have reached the last step of tomorrow.

The reason is that they don’t understand how the Pakistani nation overcame Corona virus without any medicine, without any treatment and without anything.

And Europe countries are shocked that it is the fact that the sanitation system in Pakistan is so bad that if it is inside Europe, there are not thousands but millions of people died from covid-19 disease, but how Pakistani’s are overcome from this disease.

Now scientist starts study on this to see what Pakistan is ahead of Smart Lockdown or youth population in Pakistan is 65 percent 35 percent is older people then they will be shared report with world and share how to overcome like Pakistan.

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Let’s talk the other side 34% of the population is not young, so by this calculation Pakistan would have been 70 million people, so millions of people should have died in coronavirus, but it did not happen and he is going to tell some facts.

Sahih Bukhari’s Hadith No. 7505 The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: I am with the opinion of my servant that he belongs to me. Now this is the thing that is thankful to Allah.

The winning strategy is it was fear from your hearts & people don’t ever fear from this disease. you mostly seen that Is there ever something big inside Pakistan, people says Allah will bless us & Allah sees us all, and some fathers pray for his daughter has a relationship, he arranges the marriage date, but he does not have the money and he does not give the same answer, his money is given. If so, then they are trust to Allah only


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