Heavy Rain Karachi started Cow Mandi and roads suffering

Heavy rain starts in Karachi and other cities in Pakistan, heavy rain Karachi currently report from weather department the continuous till a week & 20 percent more than previous year.

upcoming event for Muslims Eid ul Adha, the sacrifice form the heart, peoples are visiting Cow mandi & Bakra mandi in Karachi, heavy rain destroying all tents and camps in Mandi.

people are using shelter to cover their bike, car, cow, goat, sheep & many precious things in our home and apartments, the sewerage work in Karachi is not so much well, so water stuck on roads & houses.

In this heavy rain humans are suffering and now animals are also suffering from many diseases and water blockage system on city and Cow mandi.

Heavy Rain Karachi

City is also suffering from K-Electric supply due to outage system of electricity specially in Rain, K- Electric’s supply off during rain all the time and many people lives without electric in their homes.

K-Electric tweets defines that switching off the supply is for safety purpose only.

Cow mandi system in Karachi is good but in Heavy rain this system also shuts down due to Electric current hazard and water stuck on road as always.

Shafaat ali also tweet that i was stuck in shahra e Faisal due to water flood and no water drainage system in 72 years of country.

The meteorological department in Karachi said the rain is occurs in several days.

Naimat khan also tweet the Jinnah hospital video which is clearly showing that the hospitals are also suffering from this drainage system in Karachi, Karachi people are now frustrated with this system and helps their near people by itself.

please help those people everyone who stuck on road with vehicle at water pump, aisha manzil, shahra e faisal, nazimabad, korangi road, korangi crossing, nagan chowrangi, sohrab goth and specially in Cow mandi & bakra mandi and care your animal from diseases.


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