14th August – Enthusiasm and COVID-19

14th august is just around the corner, since we’re all aware of the pandemic (COVID-19) going on but no matter what whenever it comes to remind us about 14th August 1947 it brings the wave of patriotism, democratic revolution, sacrifices, compromises, the decision taken by our bani-e-Pakistan “Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah” the vision of “Allama Iqbal” and our unconditional love for the Country.

14th August

We know that Pakistani citizens are free to go with patriotic sentiments to their worship places no matter from which religion, caste or creed you belong whether Hindu, Muslims, Sikh or Esa’i. They can go to temples, mosques and anywhere they want, this is the freedom which Father of the Nation addressed. Most Pakistanis goes to visit national monuments and recreational spots to celebrate the day. But this time with this pandemic we’re going to keep our social distances and along with that we’re going to celebrate it with our children and loved ones because this enthusiasm can not be resisted.

Soon we’re going to see flags, badges, caps and all sorts of other patriotic ornament’s stall on every corner of the streets. The national flag will be hoisted on buildings, public places as a symbol of love and respect for the country. Independence day brings a wave of joy for every Pakistani. This is our enthusiasm, passion, zealousness, obsession and love for the country.

When it comes to talk about the creation of the nation we see the names like the true man of actions Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal who envisioned it first but let’s not forget the common people who sacrificed their lives and possessions. And even after independence it’s not like things changed for good only, the nation has struggled, we’ve been plagued poverty, corruption and injustice. And many more issues that country hasn’t been overcome.

Let’s promise ourselves that we’ll make the efforts and bring the change and create “Naya Pakistan”


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