List of 3 Pakistani toxic drama serials

In Pakistani drama serials industry our writers always come up with stories that reflects the real-life incidents and happenings based on toxic relationships.

Multidimensional characters and their relationships is the most important part for the stories. because this is only how a story is created. where there some relationships are strong relationships and healthy but besides that there’s some toxic relationships too.

how the story progresses writers have to reveal what happens behind the close doors and in our general society.

Here’s the list of those toxic drama serials which currently on aired to our television screens.

1- Nand

Nand Pakistani drama serials
Nand Pakistani drama serials

Nand drama serial is now the talk of the town. it is one of the typical drama which reflects to the most toxic people in society. Nand is the drama which is based on its titled character of “Gohar”.

She’s failed to accept that she’s married now and her mother and brother’s house is not hers anymore. and every relationship around her became toxic because she herself is an evil personality.

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2- Sabaat

sabaat pakistani drama serials
sabaat pakistani drama serials

Sabaat drama serial yet shown that it’s character “Miraal” is a psycho freak even her husband who’s a psychiatrist/psychologist couldn’t resolve her issues. she seems she can not stand on the fact that people around her are not robots and they have their own decision-making power.

Miraal has always been pampered and it turned her into a Nancy who wants to control everything and everyone specially her brother. she stated herself against her one and only younger brother who chose to marry a girl who is low-life in Miraal’s perspective. and it’s how her character continues to annoy and made the drama a toxic one.

3- Jalan


Jalan drama serial is based on a sibling rivalry disorder because it’s character “Nish” doesn’t find it odd to fantasies the idea of get married with her brother in law who’s a love and husband of her elder sister and this is ironic that no one finds out yet that she has such issues and she’s crossing her limits with her sister.

Although the character of Nisha is really toxic in this drama.


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