10 Best Pakistani Drama Serials of 2020 that drama lovers should watch

Below mentioned best 10 Best Pakistani Drama Serials of 2020 that drama lovers should watch like Pyar Ke Sadqay & Jhooti etc.

Pyar Ke Sadqay

Pyar Ke Sadqay is a story of Love-Birds who’re trying to be together and meanwhile they overcome several changes. along with society struggle and mental abuse  the actress Yumna Zaidi portrays another different character with Bilal Abbas who acted flawlessly. It is a Pakistani drama serial of Hum Tv Network Produced by Momina Duraid Production and Moomal Entertainment.


Jalan is a Betrayal story revolves around two sisters along with greed and jealousy. Minal falls for Areeba’s husband and she will cross her every limit. Watch it to know what happened next. It is a Pakistani drama series of ARY Digital Produced by Big Bang Entertainment. Featuring Minal khan, Fahad Shaikh, Emmad irfani and Areeba Habib.


Ishqiya is a story of love,  romance, trust and double-cross spinning around sisters Roomi and Hamna, played by Hania Amir and Ramsha khan. It is a Pakistani drama series of ARY Digital Produced by Dr. Ali kazmi and Fahad Mustafa under the Big Bang Entertainment.


Jhooti is a story based about a middle class family where there’s a teenage girl who has a habit of lying about anything in order to get and achieve whatever she wants, she lies with confidence of never been caught this must watch role played by Iqra Aziz. And Yasir Hussain with Ahmed Ali Butt playing the leading role along with her. It is a drama serial by ARY Digital network produced by iDreams Entertainment.


After Hasad and Jalan, Minal’s another drama has started. From the name it is obvious that the story revolves around spiced yet interesting characters story of Nand and Bhabi story. Faiza Hassan is playing the incredible role of nand since Minal Khan is the innocent Bhabi married to Shahroz Subzwari It is a drama serial by ARY Digital network.


Kasak Drama Serial has a brilliant cast, beautiful and yet splendid on-screen actress non-other than Iqra Aziz and handsome JunKhan are playing the outstanding characters. Story is about the girl who mets to the drama hero and convinced him to reject to wed her, gradually she started liking him and watch the drama serial to know what happened next this drama produced by Six Sigma Plus Production for ARY Digital network.

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Yeh Dil Mera

Yeh Dil Mera is a Romantic thriller drama serial. Adnan Siddiqui killed his parents when he was just around 11 years old and Ahad Raza Mir’s Sister. Somehow Ahad decided to marry his daughter Sajal Ali after so many years as Adnan also murdered his wife, and Sajal Ali has faded memory of her mother’s murder. The drama produced by MD productions for Hum Tv Network.

Bikhray Moti

Bikhray Moti is a thrilling series of 2020 as the strong and independent girl Neelam Munir has no way of getting the custody of her niece and nephew after her sister died except to get married to her cruel Brother-in-law. Along with Neelam, Yasir Nawaz and Wahaj Ali are playing the leading role of this serial. It’s a drama produced by Six Sigma Production and Next Level Entertainment for ARY Digital Network.

Tum Ho Wajah

Tum Ho Wajah is a story of blame game where everyone is blaming others, the story line is good people are suffering badly, however, the best part of the serial is the great performance by Savera Nadeem and Shahood Alvi. This drama serial is produced by Momina Duraid Productions for Hum Tv Network.

Rabba Mainu Maaf Kareen

Rabba Mainu Maaf Kareen story line is revolve around relationship issues, it is a dramatic drama serial. And Co-produced by Momina Duraid and Moomal Entertainment for Hum Tv Network, it is also very famous in Pakistani drama serials world.

Pakistani Drama Serials in 2020

The Pakistani Drama industry never cease to excite people and have interactions of the viewers, it is the leading entertainment platform for of Pakistan. However, they have managed to come up along with the new stories to entertain like never before.


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