Varun dhawan speaks up about his plans for getting married

Latest sensational couple Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are going to get married!!

“If this COVID-19 situation this pandemic and things will settle down” then maybe “YES”. He said he’s I’m, I mean I’m hopefully planning it though, soon. So let it be a more certainty. There is so much uncertain being in the world. So that’s all.” He mentioned that “we’re currently in pandemic and i did get COVID two weeks back, he is regaining his strength now.

But the rumors that a close source of Dhawan’s family just revealed that “A big fat Punjabi wedding” is gonna happen this month but with a only 200 people’s guests list as they restricted their guests list because of this pandemic COVID-19 also Dhawans booked a five star hotel in Ali-bagh.

B-town heartthrob Varun seems finally tying the knot with his childhood lover Natasha Dalal, according to reports Bollywood is set to have yet another pandemic wedding. An entertainment portal said they’re gonna get married in coastal town outside Mumbai where beloved and famous actor Shah Rukh Khan also have his own house. and the couple made no official announcement for this wedding

Childhood sweethearts Natasha and Varun knows each other since their sixth grade, Varun Dhawan is also one of the actors who wanted their personal life very private. But He never denied his relationship in the start with Miss Dalal but he dodged many times and the couple also spotted many times together since their relationship wasn’t officially announced.

Now when it’s an open secret people are talking that there’s must be something in the air!! And guess what, if it’s true? It’s gonna be the favorite wedding since we all love Varun Dhawan. talking about his Instagram handle which doesn’t only shows Natasha’s pictures along with him, recently he also raised a toast to her in gentle manner. Instagram also showed up Natasha blows party whistle and celebrated New Year’s Eve with him and their friends Jacqueline Fernandez, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma


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