Dil Bechara: Last Hit by Sushant Singh reached one month

Double celebrations for actress sanjana sanghi as she reached 2M on Instagram, also she celebrated one month of her debut film dil bechara.

As Sushant Singh Rajput’s last hit “Dil Bechara” still continues to winning hearts of millions and billions because Late Rajput was a great soul and unforgettable personality. No one can resist their emotions to rolled-out while thinking about his roller-coaster ride ended. Fans denied to accept that he committed suicide. Mysterious and historical death of Sushant spread soulful vibes to everyone in India and across the boarders also. He will remain alive like a lively soul forever in hearts. His mostly every film taught us how to live without being fearful and how to fight and overcome from depression and anxiety. And how to send positive vibes to others.

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However, Actress Sanjana Sanghi is naturally happy and is celebrating her double-celebration of one month of her debut film Dil Bechara” as lead opposite to late Sushant Singh Rajput as its becoming a smash hit in the industry. Also she reached 2 million followers on her official Instagram account. But apart of this she still mourns for the loss of her co-Actor.

She said “I know how much strength I’ve deprived by people’s blessings and prayers for our film. They helped Sushant getting the tribute he deserves. She also stated that This is the only balm amidst to all these difficult time”.

She added that her experience of working with Sushant was humble and generous. She even emphasized that “I found one true friend and a great Human being, I depended on him in vice-versa and it was “yin and yang” kind of situation.

She quoted. there was a lot of perspective we gathered for our friend-zone.

I’m too honest and candid kind of person, i will go back from Mumbai when i need to, right now i am here to stay and work for more films whether it being in Mumbai or Los Angeles, wherever it takes. Sanghi ended.


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