Clashes in Bollywood: Alia bhatt vs Katrina Kaif

When Katrina Kaif asked to choose between Arjun-Malaika and Ranbir-Alia she dumped her very good friend Alia bhatt and chose Arjun Kapoor.

As everyone knows about Katrina Kaif and Alia bhatt are really good friends. And always appeared with a positive vibes when together. It seems like everything going perfect between two actresses. More even recently Ranbir Kapoor and Alia bhatt met Katrina Kaif in an award show they greeted each other warmly. Katrina’s positive vibes left every eyeball impressed.

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Besides Katrina Kaif and Alia bhatt are close friends they also have another connection with each other. As we know Alia bhatt is dating Ranbir Kapoor nowadays and rumours are they’ll get married soon. It is Alia’s best friend Katrina who dated him earlier.

At Neha Dhupia’s show recently Katrina made an appearance and she played fun segment of the show name “Say it Or Strip it” in which she ended up saying she won’t attend Ranbir Kapoor and Alia bhatt’s wedding if it is to choose between Ranbir-Alia and Arjun-Malaika.

It happened when Neha asked to Kat “what if Ranbir-Alia and Arjun-Malaika are gonna have their wedding literally on same day and same time which one you’ll choose to attend. Surprisingly, Katrina left her best friend and chose Arjun and Malaika. She said if I have to pick one I’ll pick Arjun, he’s my rakhi-brother. I tied him rakhi when “sheela ki jawani was released”. He didn’t really liked me i said “Arjun do you wanna be my rakhi brother? He was like, No!! And i was like Arjun you’ll be my rakhi-brother.

She was also asked about her good equation with Ranbir and Alia she replied “It is a compliment” and Yes!! If someone likes me by knowing me well feels nice, It is a really good thing. It is always easy to maintain peace. Make peace, be friends, to be loved.


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